Alone in Berlin (12A)

Friday 14th Jul 2017 — Thursday 20th Jul 2017, Cinema

Full Price £7 - £9 / Concessions Price £5.50 - £7.50 / Family £22 - £30 (2 adults, 2 children)

Berlin, 1940. The city is paralysed by fear.

After learning that their only son has died in battle, a working-class couple (Brendan Gleeson and Emma Thompson) risk execution with an extraordinary act of rebellion. They begin printing and circulating anti-Nazi postcards, hoping to inspire others to take a stand. When the postcards end up in the hands of Gestapo officer Escherich (Daniel Brühl), a dangerous game of cat and mouse unfolds.

Contains moderate violence, threat and injury detail.

Duration: 103 minutes

Director: Vincent Perez. Starring: Emma Thompson, Brendan Gleeson, Daniel Brühl. UK/France/Germany 2016.