Infant Massage - Summer 2018

Monday 23rd Apr 2018 — Monday 2nd Jul 2018, Learning Centre

Full Price £40 for four week course (per family unit)

Over four weeks, IAIM practitioner Caz Campbell will teach you a full-body massage routine for your baby.

This is a wonderful opportunity to bond, express your love and learn to understand your child’s needs.

A word from Caz:

I'm Caz, a mum of 2 girls: 2 years and 4 years old and I'm a Biologist so have a keen interest in the hormonal, emotional and physical benefits of baby massage to babies and parents. I trained to become a baby massage instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). I teach classes with a relaxed, friendly & non-judgemental environment which hopefully makes parents and babies feel calm and therefore enjoy the course! 

Benefits of Baby Massage:

1) Relaxation - The process of massage helps to release oxytocin in both a baby’s system and in the parent doing the massage. Stress hormones also decrease, so the combination promotes relaxation & better sleep.  

2) Stimulation - The hands on routine works all over baby’s body from the head to toes. The strokes are designed to stimulate many of the internal systems (eg digestive, immune and nervous system), giving them a gentle work-out which you can continue at home. 

3) Relief – Babies always act on cue when I talk about this, by burping or passing wind! Baby massage has been proven to ease many common issues, such as digestive problems, teething, nasal congestion and sleep issues.

4) Interaction - Improved communication, bonding confidence and attachment between parent and baby. As well as peer-to-peer interaction within the class environment.

Suitable for parents with babies who are not yet crawling

Duration: 10.15am - 11.15am

Course dates: Mondays 23 April - 21 May (no session on 7 May) or 4 June - 2 July (no session on 25 June)