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Luke Jerram's

Museum of the Moon

Tuesday 15th Aug 2023 — Sunday 3rd Sep 2023, Corn Exchange Auditorium

Tickets FREE (suggested donation £5)

  • A moon is suspended in a grand hall that's illuminated blue like the night sky
    Museum of the Moon by Luke Jerram. University of Bristol, UK, 2017. Photo (c) Carolyn Eaton

UK artist Luke Jerram’s astonishing installation Museum of the Moon comes to the Corn Exchange this summer, presented in partnership with Newbury Business Improvement District (BID) as part of the BID’s Festival of the Moon.

Visitors to this magical setting can experience the six metre, to-scale sculpture of the Moon as it is suspended in Corn Exchange’s main auditorium. Museum of the Moon is a completely accurate facsimile of the moon, made using incredible NASA images, and featuring minute detail of the lunar surface so that visitors can discover the rarely-seen dark side of the moon. The internally-lit installation features a surround sound composition by BAFTA-winning composer Dan Jones for a stunning and profound art-meets-nature experience, including Debussy’s Claire de Lune and recordings of the moon landings to truly immerse visitors in this breath taking lunar world.

The moon has always inspired humanity, acting as a ‘cultural mirror’ to society, reflecting the ideas and beliefs of all people around the world. Over the centuries, the moon has been interpreted as a god and as a planet. It has been used as a timekeeper, calendar and been a source of light to aid night time navigation. Throughout history the moon has inspired artists, poets, scientists, writers and musicians the world over. The ethereal blue light cast by a full moon, the delicate crescent following the setting sun, or the mysterious dark side of the moon has evoked passion and exploration. Different cultures around the world have their own historical, cultural, scientific and religious relationships to the moon. And yet somehow, despite these differences, the moon connects us all.

To accompany the exhibition, the Newbury BID are presenting Festival of the Moon, a festival with a wide range of moon related activities and events in-conjunction with local businesses. There is also a complementary programme of lunar-themed activities and events from the Corn Exchange; events include wellbeing sessions, talks, storytelling and films. Find out more here.

Please note the timeslots at 5pm and 5.20pm on Wednesday 30 August are adult only viewing sessions.

Visit for more information: https://visitnewbury.org.uk/festival-of-the-moon/

Image: Museum of the Moon at University of Bristol, UK, 2017. Photo (c) Carolyn Eaton