Monday 27th Aug 2018 — Wednesday 29th Aug 2018, 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space

Full Price £50 (for two day workshop)

A rare opportunity to train with and learn from French company, Ex Nihilo in an intensive two day workshop for professional dancers interested in developing their practice. 

French Choreographers Anne Le Batard and Jean-Antoine Bigot from Ex Nihilo Company invite you to discover the specificities of their work – a committed and physical dance, based on our adaptability to spaces and its partners, through a 2 and half day workshop and an artists dialogue.

The works of Ex Nihilo develops the relationship between the dancers and their awareness of each other and the public space. It is a physical dance, reactionary and spontaneous but written with purpose and logic. Movement is designed as a way of “taking” a territory where the dancers borrow a space for the duration of the work or a performance – an ephemeral appropriation that never excludes the “other” – the passer-by, the inhabitants, the spectator and the citizen.

This workshop is suitable for professional (advanced level) dancers, performers, body/movement practitioners who are interested in investigating the relationship between dance and the public space.  

The training sessions will commence with a gradual physical preparation that begins with exercises in the morning to warm up the body through waking up our muscles, centering and stretching. These will be followed by exercises developing the strength of the standing body, the presence of the body and its relationship with other dancers.

These techniques will strengthen:

-           The particular physical and technical preparation necessary for dancing outside of the studio;

-           Contacts, supports, awareness, reactivity, listening and momentum of the body and bodies.

The workshop continues the technical work by placing participants directly in an external site and explores:

-           The way to deal with our surrounding environment;

-           The relationship to spaces, volumes and objects;

-           The meaning, intentions and origin of movements and on improvising on site.

Participants are encouraged to bring outfits and shoes fit for dancing outside of the studio

As an introduction to the workshop there will be a chance to see a performance of Shapers, a remarkable international collaboration led by Ex Nihilo and featuring eight dancers from Egypt, France, Spain and Morocco.

The workshop is highly subsidised and the cost for participants is just £50 for the two day workshop. Some free accommodation is available.  

Please contact hello@101outdoorarts.com for more information.  

Mon 27 Aug: 2pm - 5pm Presentation of Shapers and post-show discussions

Tue 28 Aug: 10 - 5pm Workshop

Wed 29 Aug: 10 - 5pm Workshop