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Family Film: The Pirates! In an Adventure With Scientists (U)

Saturday 3rd Jun 2023, Corn Exchange Cinema

Full Price £9.80 - £7.80 / Concessions Price £8.30 - £6.30 (including booking fees)

  • A collection of pirates in different outfits and of different heights all stand in a line as they walk towards the camera.

Follow a group of pirates as they travel to London in order to make their captain Pirate of the Year.

A group of pirates journey to London and meet Charles Darwin, a talking chimp named Mister Bobo and an enemy looking to wipe them out. Based on The Pirates! (In an Adventure With Scientists), the best-selling books by Gideon Defoe. Aardman film in stop motion animation.

Welcome to our Family Films - special Saturday morning screenings for children and their grown-ups to enjoy a film in our cinema for just £3.50 per person! You will also have the chance to purchase a fun snack and craft bag which you can enjoy before or after the film.

Duration: 88 mins

Dir: Peter Lord

Starring: Hugh Grant (voice), Martin Freeman (voice), Brian Blessed (voice)

USA 2012