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Contactless Creativity

Unfortunately this project has now ended so we are no longer taking referrals by phone/email. However, you can still access previous artist’s activities using the links below.

Contactless Creativity offers the opportunity for those who are currently shielding or who do not have access to the internet to keep creative and feel connected at a time when they may be having less frequent contact with their friends and family or are unable to take part in their usual activities or pastimes.

Each week we will work with a different artist to present creative activities that can be accessed online or, for those who do not have access to the internet, can be delivered as a pack to homes by one of our volunteers.

These packs will include activity sheets and materials for creative tasks such as painting or writing. Each recipient will also receive an audio message from the artist that will talk participants step by step through a creative exercise, as well as a piece of work created by the artist that they can enjoy at home. The activities will be available as downloadable files on this webpage or, for those receiving the packs in person, the activities will be printed out and a Dictaphone will be included so they can listen to any audio recordings made by our artists.

Participants will be invited to share their work and thoughts about the week’s activities with the artists and other participants, whether that’s via e-mail, social media, letter, postcard, or a recorded audio message.

Kennet Radio are supporting the project by designating a weekly slot on the station to broadcast the creative exercises. This familiar medium allows those who are less confident with digital content an equal opportunity to engage with, and connect to others, through the project.

Contactless Creativity has been funded by the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund and the Corn Exchange thanks the Government for making this possible. The Corn Exchange is also working with the Community Support Hub to recruit local volunteers to prepare and deliver the Contactless Creativity Packs. If you are interested in joining as a volunteer please e-mail getinvolved@cornexchangenew.co.uk.

Have you engaged with Contactless Creativity Online? We'd love it if you filled in this survey so that we can hear your thoughts and continue to strengthen and develop the project. Thank you very much.

Week 29: Sabrina Talana - Connecting with Nature through art

Sabrina Talana-Carruth is a designer, maker and creative person based in Newbury, working and experimenting under the name of FloriSTinctoRiuM. This activity pack has been designed to promote a connection with nature, to have a positive effect on our wellbeing and promote creativity that will allow you to explore art in various forms, from leaf printing onto textile and card, to reflections on poetry and nature.

The project is divided into activities to be completed daily, covering a total of seven days. At the end of this project you will be able toproduce a leaf print of your choice onto the tote bag and the card that have beensupplied.

Contactless creativity 2021 REV2

Pdf 3.82MB

Thursday at 17 12

Audio 59.2KB

Thursday at 17 13

Audio 1.21MB

Thursday at 17 28

Audio 719.33KB

Thursday at 17 31

Audio 1.2MB

Thursday at 17 38

Audio 348.03KB

Thursday at 17 43

Audio 837.95KB

Thursday at 17 45

Audio 507.22KB

Thursday at 18 02

Audio 686.09KB

Thursday at 18 08

Audio 347.54KB

Thursday at 18 12

Audio 336.09KB

Thursday at 18 21

Audio 69.33KB

Thursday at 18 19

Audio 632.88KB

Sunday at 14 30

Audio 1.89MB

Sunday at 17 42

Audio 776.42KB

Sunday at 14 55

Audio 417.59KB

Week 28: Cáit Gould - Mandalas

Cáit Gould, one of The Base's resident artists leads this week's task. This week's task is colouring and drawing mandalas on paper. As well as making mandala-inspired pieces from clay. Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism and many indigenous cultures representing the universe. The circular designs symbolise the idea that everything is connected as well as the internal journey within each individual viewer. Mandalas have many uses including meditation. The designs are meant to help remove irritating thoughts and allow the creative mind to run free, and relax. Ultimately people can create and look at mandalas to centre the body and mind.

Mandalas Introduction

Pdf 4.14MB

A written introduction to the Mandalas Contactless Creativity project.

Audio 5.77MB

Activity 1 Colouring mandalas

Audio 10.4MB

Activity 2 Drawing mandalas

Audio 6.02MB

Activity 3 Clay Mandala Coaster

Audio 6.23MB

Activity 4 Clay Rope Coaster

Audio 5.01MB

Activity 5 Clay Mandala Bowl final

Audio 6.08MB

Week 27: Richard Francis Bellin - Painting Music

The Base resident artist Richard Francis Bellin's task is painting music, creating abstract paintings inspired by the artist Wassily Kandinsky. You will be listening to music by Johann Pachebel - Canon in D major, deconstructing the song in layers and trying to replicate the song in colours and shapes. You will then be exploring texture, painting with nature, walking amongst nature and gathering resources to use in your paintings.

Week 26: Katherine Kingdom - Clay Bunting

Katherine makes figures and vessels out of clay. She makes work to commission and sell online and has always loved drawing and making things.

Week 25: Natalie Watson - Dance Exercises and Games

Natalie is a contemporary dance artist who has worked with a variety of organisations to create accessible dance to all. This movement pack contains lots of exercises, games and props as a way of keeping fit, both mentally and physically!

Week 24: Gemma Kirby - A Bouquet of Five Art Movements

A crash course in 19th & 20th century art movements and using its inspiration to paint flowers.

Gemma Kirby has a created this week’s project. She has a background in Public Art and Design and often undertakes art projects in the local community. She is always working on something creative and exhibits with West Berkshire/ North Hampshire Open Studios.

Each day she will give you a little background information on the day’s art movement and its styles of painting. Then the task will be to create your own painting in the style of the art movement. The overall theme for the pictures is Flowers.

At the end of the week the plan is for you to do a picture of a flower in your preferred art movement style and then pass it back to the Corn Exchange to be placed together to make a large piece of wonderful Contactless Creativity art work to be displayed. A wonderful picture of loads of bright and colourful flowers will surely cheer us all up after lockdown!

Week 23: Sophie Hale - Fibre Arts

Sophie is a local craft tutor teaching crochet, knitting and fibre-based arts in schools. Her business is called A Boat full of Wool and she runs workshops from her narrowboat. Her activities are based on fibre arts and will explore how to use fibre-based materials in different ways.

Week 22: Isabel Carmona - Self Portraits

Isabel Carmona is a local artist living in the centre of Newbury. She loves to sketch and draw and is happiest when drawing on location. She paints in watercolours and draws in either pencil or pen. For this project she will be sharing some of her techniques and concepts for self-portraits, encouraging you to be fearless and have some fun.

Week 21: Charlotte Adcock - Printing Project

Charlotte Adcock is a local artist based in Newbury, who specialises in print making - from linoprint to geli plate printing and screen printing. In this project, she gives guidance on how to create a set of beautiful cards from your own design, using a printing technique.

Downloadable Instructions Pack, Week 21 - Charlotte Adcock

Pdf 680.58KB

Audio clip 1

Audio 520.54KB

Audio clip 2

Audio 432.27KB

Audio clip 3

Audio 465.19KB

Audio clip 4

Audio 396.83KB

Audio clip 5

Audio 496.2KB

Audio clip 6

Audio 245.8KB

Audio clip 7

Audio 430.8KB

Week 20: Chrissie Neale - Mindful Moments

Chrissie Neale is an actress and drama teacher, who has recently trained as a coach, wanting to inspire and encourage others to live the life they dreamed of, with a focus on mindfulness. For this week Chrissie presents a range of mindfulness tasks, from taking a walk in nature to writing postcards of kindness.

Week 19: Cat Croxford - Painting an autumn tree landscape

Professional artist Cat Croxford enjoys using acrylics to paint flowers, gardens, woods and trees. For Week 19 of Contactless Creativity, Cat shows you how to paint your very own autumn tree landscape, based on a photo she took of the local woodlands.

Week 18: Flora Gare - How to make a wire poppy

Flora Gare is an artist who specialises in materials that reflect and hold light, for example wire. This week, Flora gives step by guidance on how to create your own wire poppy. Listen to the audio clip for instructions and also a list of the materials required.

Week 17: Marion Royle - Improve drawing skills

Painter Marion Royle provides activities to help you extend your artistic skills through experimenting with a range of drawing media.

Week 16: Katie Minien - Music Week

Singer, vocal teacher and choral Director Katie Minien presents a week of musical tasks, from vocal warm ups to singing songs and rhythmical challenges.

Week 15: Gemma Kirby - Doves of Peace

Artist Gemma Kirby has created a range of mindfulness and wellbeing activities for you, from drawing exercises using pencil and crayon to instructions on how to create a mock stained glass window using card and acetate. The theme of the week is the Dove of Peace and you will also practice drawing a bird in flight.

Downloadable Instructions Pack, Week 15 - Gemma Kirby

Pdf 1.75MB


Audio 2.8MB

Day 1

Audio 999.18KB

Day 2

Audio 3.68MB

Day 3

Audio 3.69MB

Day 4

Audio 2.86MB

Day 5

Audio 1.43MB

Day 6

Audio 2.52MB

Day 7

Audio 1.12MB

Week 14: Cáit Gould - making lanterns from air-dry clay

The Base Resident Artist and Great Pottery Throw Down's Cáit Gould has put together a step-by-step guide on how to create your very own clay lantern, a lovely source of light as we move into the winter months. Take a look at the activity pack below to view the instructions and materials required. Audio clips taking you through the pack can also be downloaded below.

Download the audio clips below:

Week 13: Katherine Kingdon - Clay

Artist Katherine Kingdon has some clay exercises for you. Listen to the audio clips below for guidance, and download the activity packs. The materials needed for the exercises can also be found below.

Set up

Powerpoint 849.92KB

Day 1

Powerpoint 10.79MB

Day 2

Powerpoint 11.23MB

Day 5

Powerpoint 208.69KB

Tools and materials Preparing your work area

Audio 4.7MB

Day 1

Audio 5.53MB

Day 2

Audio 7.78MB

Day 3

Audio 3.36MB

Day 4

Audio 3.9MB

Day 5

Audio 4.78MB

Week 12: Sally Haynes - arts activities focusing on hands

As Sally Haynes explains, hands have become an important symbol over the lockdown period - from images of people putting on gloves to clapping for carers and nurses holding hands with patients. This week, Sally has art exercises for you all about this topic. Download the activity pack below and listen to the audio files for guidance.

Week 11: Richard Francis Bellin - painting a seascape with acrylics

The Base resident artist Richard Francis Bellin shares an art therapy technique with you which he practised over the lockdown period. Using the automatic painting technique, Richard explains how you can paint a beautiful seascape. Listen to the audio clip for guidance, and download the activity pack below.

You will need:

Acrylic paints
A canvas
A brush

Week 10: Shirley Eccles - drawing, cutting and Matisse

Glass artist Shirley Eccles has a project for you based around French artist Henri Matisse and his popular piece, The Paper Cut Outs. Take a look at the activity pack below and listen to the audio clips for guidance.

Please download the audio clips below.

Week 9: Kate Duncan - Art and Music

Kate Duncan gives you art exercises, using a variety of different materials, which you can explore whilst listening to music. Take a look at the exercise pack below, along with the audio clips. Or, you can listen to these on Sound Cloud, here

Week 8: John Darvell - My House, Your Home

John Darvell of NOCTURN Dance has created a set of challenges which uses the objects and technology we have around us in our homes to inspire us to create movement. It’s all about playing with our senses and just taking a breath to see what is around us. Take a look at the activity pack below and listen to the audio clips for guidance. These can be found on Sound Cloud, here

Week 7: Natalie Watson, Movement

Dance practitioner Natalie Watson has created some fun games and movement activities for you to get involved in. Take a look at the downloadable sheets below and listen to the audio clips for guidance. These can also be found on Sound Cloud, here

You will need:

A tennis ball
A dice

Week 6: Simon Jardine, An Imagined Garden

Illustrator Simon Jardine from Armadillo Images is back! For Week 6, he's asking you to draw and paint a garden using your imagination! You can download the activity pack below, along with the additional resources. You can also listen to audio clips of Simon explaining the activities via Sound Cloud, here

Week 5: Sophie Hale, Fibre-arts

Sophie Hale is a local craft tutor teaching crochet, knitting and fibre-arts in schools. She also runs Arm Knitting classes for adults at The Base on Greenham Business Park.

Week 5's activities use fibre-based materials in different ways. Download the pack below to find instructions on making pom poms and wet felting, as well as weaving with sticks and fabric painting. You can also listen to an introductory message and additional guidance from Sophie via Sound Cloud here

Week 4: Becca Louise Fearnley, Story Squares

In Week 4 poet, novelist and teacher Becca Louise Fearnley has some creative writing exercises for you. We'll learn how to write a gripping story and how to craft the perfect protagonist. Download the activity pack below and listen to Becca's instructions via Sound Cloud, here

Week 3: Tanya Reid, Watercolours

Week Three is led by artist Tanya Reid. Tanya will give you step-by-step guidance on how to paint your own version of Monet's Water Lilies. Look at his work to inspire you and then compose your own image using these daily tasks. You can also listen to Tanya talking through the week's activities via Sound Cloud, here

Week Two: Simon Jardine, Illustrations

In Week 2, artist and illustrator Simon Jardine shows us how to sketch some nature themed animals and objects. You can also listen to Simon talking through the week's activities via Sound Cloud, here

Week One: Helen Mortimer, Paper Crafts

In Week One, artist Helen Mortimer gives step-by-step tips on how to make a variety of papercraft creations. You can also listen to Helen talking through the week's activities via Sound Cloud, here