Learning & Participation Volunteers

18yrs and over

Our Learning and Participation Department is always interested in hearing from local people who are interested in helping out with creative participation projects with young people and adults.

This could mean providing support on some of our regular art-based workshops, or perhaps assistant our youth theatre sessions. Our work is really diverse however, and the range of opportunities we have over the course of a year will vary. Often bespoke projects will come along for which we also need volunteers, so it's great for us to have a list of people to contact about getting involved.

It's also a great way for you to pick up new skills by working alongside arts professionals and to feel part of the work of the Corn Exchange. We also provide volunteers with training, where appropriate.

In particular, we are currently looking for volunteers to assist with our Youth Theatre programme. 

Please contact us for more information, or to express an interest in helping out. We'll need your name, age and any art specialism you may have - previous experience in arts-based activities isn't always necessary but it is useful know of any skills you have already or if there's an area you're particularly interested in helping out with. Email getinvolved@cornexchangenew.co.uk  to express your interest.