Page to Stage

Page to Stage is an exciting project aimed at developing participants’ understanding of drama whilst looking closely at exploring what makes a good story and the process of creating one. This project will see participants develop a variety of skills, work as a creative team, learn about theatre direction and work with professional actors to get their play ready for performance at the Corn Exchange.


  • Use drama as a way of exploring, literacy aims specifically writing composition aims.
  • Promote writing as an activity for enjoyment.
  • Develop pupils’ creativity, teamwork and communication skills.
  • Empower pupils to develop their voice and how to input views and opinions into a group process.
  • Increase confidence in presentation and performance techniques.
  • Allow lead teacher time to observe their class learning and track progress.


The project consists of 6 x 1.5 hour workshops with a professional theatre practitioner.

Stage One:

Workshop One: Introduction to the project and drama.

Workshop Two: Exploring character and worlds.

Workshop Three: Understanding the importance of themes, narrative and language.

Workshop Four: Writing a play as a group, thinking about what makes a good story and how to write for different audiences.

Workshop Five: Discovering theatre direction.

Workshop Six: Directing their play with professional actors.

Stage Two:

After the final workshop both practitioner and actors will rehearse separately taking the group’s direction into account.

Stage Three:

We roll out the red carpet and invite all participants along with family and friends to the Corn Exchange to watch their play be performed by the actors they worked with in workshop six.

Stage Four:

An evaluation and feedback session for the lead teacher to reflect on and discuss the project with the practitioner. These will be scheduled for the end of the project.


Project cost: £450

This includes planning and delivery time, travel to your school and all of the resources required to deliver the workshops.

For more information and to book contact our Education Officer and Youth Theatre Leader Josh Whatsize on

Download the Project Pack here

Page To Stage Project Pack

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