Schools Choreography Challenge - Take Part

Performance Monday 6 November - Workshops to take place September to early October 2017

The Choreography Challenge brings a professional dance practitioner into your school to work with a pupil group of your choice for a day (secondary schools) or two shorter workshops (primary schools) to teach a sequence of set phrases. You and your group will learn some dance technique and a set of phrases suitable for their level and will then be set the challenge of completing that piece for the performance.

Each group's work on their dance piece, to develop the original set phrases, leads to a huge variety of creative responses that reflects the work of the schools and the personalities of the individuals involved. Last year's performance was unforgettable and this year, as last we will close the show with an original piece of work from our Boys Choreography company and selected male dancers from all our local schools.

Dance is known to have positive social impacts and to contribute to improve mental and physical health and wellbeing.

By taking part in this project student will...

  • Learn movement skills and have the opportunity to increase their physical activity levels
  • Explore their creativity and Express their own identity
  • Contribute their own ideas to a group piece
  • Develop their teamwork skills
  • Work with a positive male role model and an arts professional (if this is a target for the school)
  • Have an opportunity to celebrate their achievements on a level playing field with other schools and groups of all ages and abilities
  • Develop their own physical and choreographic skills

2016 Choreography Challenge Feedback

  • 93% of participants rated their workshop as 'above average'
  • 50% of participants defined the workshops in their school as 'Brilliant'
  • 92% of participants said they had learnt new skills (including those who took part regularly in dance activity)
  • 72% of participants said they enjoyed school more because of the project
  • “Thanks for your hard work in organising what was a fabulous event- our parents loved it too.”
    K. Weller - The Ilsleys Primary School
  • “Thank you this was a great project. We were really please with the event, the workshop and the organisation.”
    D. Stacey- Trinity Secondary School
  • “Thank you for inviting us to the dance challenge last week, the children really enjoyed themselves and are still talking about it!”
    R. Lawrence- Enborne C of E Primary
  • “Thank you: for helping out so much; for asking us; and being so enthusiastic. We really enjoyed the whole experience.”
    K. Ardargh- Walter - Francis Baily Primary School
  • “We learnt to communicate with our team and to trust each other”
    Pupil Premium participant 2016
  • “I learnt that I had the confidence to dance in front of lots of people”
    Primary school participant 2016

If you are interested in taking part or would like further information on costing and how this project can be tailored to your schools, please contact

Our Dance Partners in this project are Luke Brown DanceZoie Logic Dance TheatreNocturn and NCDC.