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Teen Yoga - Spring 2024

Wednesday 10th Jan 2024 — Wednesday 20th Mar 2024, Learning Centre

Full Price £45 (for 5 week course)

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Led by Ellen Clinch from Yoga Den, join in on Teen Yoga.

These sessions are a great way to build a toolkit of techniques to boost pre-exam calm, improve concentration, and help regulate mood. You will learn exercises to help de-stress and build strength and flexibility while focusing on breath and mindfulness. Bring your friends along to this fun sociable group and improve your overall fitness and wellbeing!

The Benefits of Teens' Yoga:

Physical Benefits:

  • Develops good posture
  • Helps maintain a teenager's natural flexibility
  • Supports growing bodies and tones and strengthens the body
  • Stabilises core muscles and maintains joint mobility
  • Supports the immune, respiratory, circulatory systems
  • Prevents sports injury
  • Improves co-ordination and balance
  • Promotes healthy sleeping patterns and teaches the body how to relax

Mental & Emotional Benefits:

  • Builds social confidence as teenagers interact with kindred spirits
  • Improves self-confidence through breathing techniques and encouraging children to use their voices
  • Releases day-to-day anxieties such as separation issues, bullying, lethargy and feelings of negativity
  • Offers a space for teenagers to express their emotional state in a physical way
  • Improves memory retention which helps children learn more easily and improves concentration levels

Duration: 4.45pm - 5.45pm

Suitable for young people aged 13- 16.

Workshop dates:

10 Jan - 7 Feb & 21 Feb - 20 Mar

All tickets must be booked in advance.

There is no need to print or collect a ticket as the team will have a record of those who have booked. Booking for workshops and courses close 24 hours before the start time. Please note we reserve the right to cancel any course or workshop if the minimum numbers are not met. If we are not able to run a workshop you will be informed three working days ahead of the course or workshop start date.