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Primary Schools

Take a look at the workshops and projects we can offer to your school.

We are enthusiastic about building partnerships with local schools to provide creative and effective learning opportunities both within and outside the curriculum. In response to this, our Learning and Participation Department has developed a set of workshops to assist you in delivering drama at your school or as a way of using drama as a tool for engaging learning.

Our practitioners have a wealth of experience working to learning objectives in schools and educational environments, making theatre with young people and creating professional theatre for all types of audiences; it is these three areas that inform our work in schools. We also aim to build additional skills development in areas such as resilience or literacy into our projects – we want to give your students the best opportunities to assist them with their progress.

Our Education Programme offers:

  • Transparent benefits for your students and you as a teacher
  • Skills and understanding for progress and assessment
  • Skills for personal and social development and resilience
  • Development of creative thinking and imagination
  • A clear and simple pricing scheme

Our programme includes standard workshops and projects for both Primary and Secondary schools. Find out more about the range of workshops and projects we offer here.

If you would like to enquire about or discuss any of our workshops or projects, or enquire about a bespoke project for your school, please do not hesitate to contact our Learning & Participation team (01635 582666).


For the safety and wellbeing of your pupils and staff, during projects and workshops our practitioners will:

Wear a face mask

Use hand sanitiser regularly

Maintain social distancing

Follow any additional school-specific requirements.

  • Backstage Tours

    Explore behind the scenes at the Corn Exchange!

    Dates & Info

    A 9 month pupil premium programme centred on aspirational and value-based learning, literacy and building creativity and cultural access.

    Dates & Info
  • Yes Let's

    A creative, curriculum-based project for the Early Years. Work towards those Early Learning Goals the artistic way!

    Dates & Info
  • Play to Learn

    Learn through play in KS1! Explore KS1 curriculum subjects through creative, arts-focused activities.

    Dates & Info
  • Wellbeing Warriors

    A six-week project introducing children to the idea of ‘Wellbeing’, exploring the 5 ways to wellbeing and covering physical, mental and emotional, social, educational and holistic wellbeing through drama, music, arts and crafts, games, quizzes etc.

    Dates & Info
  • Once Upon a Time...

    A workshop to explore story conventions through the creative arts.

    Dates & Info
  • Poetry and Pizzazz!

    Poetic exploration through dramatic play.

    Dates & Info
  • Play Together, Stay Together

    A social cooperative project for building positive relationships.

    Dates & Info
  • Intro to Opera

    A rare introduction to an exciting musical art form!

    Dates & Info
  • Herstory

    For most of history, anonymous was a woman - Virginia Woolf

    Dates & Info
  • Wonderful

    Wonderful is a weekly 30 minute intervention designed to boost children’s mental wellbeing by exploring what they find wonderful through discussion, journaling, drama and art.

    Dates & Info