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A Big Thank You to Rivar

The front of the Corn Exchange building (opened in the 1800s, it is an old and grand building with two large windows at the front and a wooden door in the centre). Above the building there is a clear blue sky. There is a  tree on the left with lots of green leaves and some hanging baskets are on a lamp post to the right of the building. The photo has been taken in the summertime.

We would like to say a big thank you to Rivar for its generous donation of £1000.

We are pleased to announce that Rivar has generously donated £1000 toward our project, Making Music Making Freinds.

Making Music Making Friends is a 12 week Corn Exchange Learning & Participation project, which is an intergenerational activity involving reception year classes to visit care homes and sheltered housing settings for music making workshops, supported by professional music practitioners. The project gives residents the opportunity to join in with the children and the music making session from their seats or with instruments they can easily hold.

To find out more about ways you can support our work, please visit the Support Us page.