Making Music Making Friends

We have been working with a local Primary School and supported living scheme in Lambourn on a new intergenerational project called Making Music Making Friends.

On Monday 5th November, twenty-eight 4 year olds from the Reception class at Lambourn Primary School, together with teachers and volunteers, made their way on foot through Lambourn village to the scheme, excited and full of questions!

The participants at the scheme are aged between 70 and 100. Intergenerational projects like this one, that foster communication and connection between generations, have many benefits for this group.

One participant said 'They (the children) just give us more energy, it’s like being young again!’ Challenging misconceptions throughout was an aim, one student before the session asked whether the adults would 'still be able to talk' and quickly found out they could indeed, as well as sing and dance in the session!

The session started with icebreaker drama games and songs, to set the tone of the workshop as FUN and also to stretch and warm up the body. Next, we introduced a parachute, where children and adults alike enjoyed keeping giant balloons up in the air, finding it equally hilarious when they flew off of the parachute! We played with ribbon sticks, colourful scarves and musical instruments as well as danced the Hokey-Cokey! A particularly lovely moment was when we took a break for tea, coffee and juice and the children shared biscuits and conversation with their new friends. The session was good exercise, a lot of fun and a great start in establishing the relationship between the generations. Two 4 year old boys were left completely stunned when a resident revealed she was 100 years old, their mouths falling open in shock and awe.

The feedback from the first pilot session has been overwhelmingly positive with both groups eager to meet on a regular basis going forwards, one student asked when they'd be going back to see the group at the scheme again. The sessions are now booked in to continue monthly after Christmas so watch this space for more news!

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