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Find out more about Awake My Soul: The Mumford and Sons' Story

We Sat down with Musician and Writer, Sam Freeman to ask him about his new project Awake My Soul: The Mumford and Sons Story about to embark on a UK Tour.

What drew you to Awake My Soul: The Mumford and Sons Story?

Me and Matthew Emeny (Co-creator) have had a wonderful time working together over the last 4 years, writing and performing our shows across the UK. A huge part of our theatre is live music, and our style of folk rock was always inspired by our love of Mumford & Sons. We’d tour all summer in our van, listening to our favourite band, and thinking, what if we created a show dedicated to our love of this amazing group!?

How did you go about creating the show?

It always starts with the band, and forming a group of talented musicians with a passion for folk revival was a must. Then, lots of research. How did they form? What were those early years like? How did they make those tracks? And of course, at its heart, their really great music.

What is it about Mumford and Sons' music that is so enduring?

I think Mumford and Sons were really at the centre of a moment. Alongside a choice of other fantastic bands, folk revival was brought into the forefront of rock. The effect it had on popular music since is undeniable. Not only that, but their sound really defines a time, fashion and culture that so many people will remember and associate with wonderful memories.

What are you most looking forward to about touring the show?

I cannot wait to travel across the UK and meet so many incredible fans. All of us together in one place, it’s going to be one big stomp and holler party!

How did you get into theatre and acting?

Growing up in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, I was lucky to have an amazing theatre right on my doorstep. Through my education in music, drama and attending the Torch Youth Theatre program, I developed a love and desire to work in the arts. After some formal training and a few years on the job I can safely say I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

Awake My Soul: The Mumford and Sons Storywill be at the Corn Exchangeon 28 March 2024, Book tickets now via www.cornexchangenew.com or call 01635 522733