Crossing Lines: Frequently Asked Questions

All your frequently asked questions are answered about our next outdoor event: Crossing Lines, happening Saturday 12 August in Goldwell Park, Newbury.

What time does site open to the public?


Running time?
1 hour and 10 minutes

Maximum Number of People 

The maximum capacity for the event is quite large but we do have to keep any eye on numbers of people that we can allow into the performance area, once this number is met we will not be allowing people on the site.  The event is free and there are no tickets, entry is first come first serve.

Will there be a queuing system?

No - but we ask people to please enter the site through the entrances on Northcroft Lane


We suggest that the show is best enjoyed from the start, but you can arrive at any time

Age Suitability

Any age, although please be aware that the performance involves standing for over an hour which may not be suitable for younger audience members

Is there any explicit content?


Can I bring a dog(s)/pets?

No, the nature of the performance includes loud noises and smoke.

Will the weather effect the show?

The show will go on come rain or shine! Luckily though, it's set to be a nice evening - we checked!

Effects used during the performance

Strobe lighting 

There is no strobe lighting used - but there are a lot of bright and moving lights




Yes - there is amplified music throughout, some with heavy base.



There will be no parking available at Northcroft or Goldwell Parks. We ask everyone to use other town centre parking and then make the short walk to the event site.



There is no restriction on wheelchair access but please be aware the ground is uneven.  Some of the performance does happen on a lower level, our stewards will do their best to assist people in wheelchairs to be able to see

Blind or partially sighted

The ground will be uneven, there will be elements of scenery on the site, and smoke and effects, which may make it harder for visually impaired audiences.  We ask our blind and partially sighted audiences give consideration to whether the performance is suitable for guide dogs given the loud sounds that are pivotal to the performance experience.

Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing

There will be loud music that will probably also produce vibration within the performance, which could enhance the experience for those with hearing impairment.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on