Crossing Lines: Meet the local participants

On Saturday 12 August, we will present one of our largest outdoor events to date! We spoke to local participant, Rosalind Chaston, about her experience in the project, and what audiences can expect on the night!

Name: Rosalind Chaston
Age: 18
Home town: Oxford 

Have you always been interested in dance? And outside of this project, are you involved in any other art forms? 

I am from an acting background, so this is my first real experience with dance. I am involved with a lot of amateur theatre in Oxford - particularly with the Shakespeare festival. I also play rugby and the piano.

Other than The Crossing Lines Project, have you been a part of any other outdoor events?

The summer Shakespeare festival in Oxford is outdoor theatre but this is the first time I have worked with both site specific theatre and outdoor theatre on such a scale.

What was it like working at 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space last year?

I loved working at the 101 space in Newbury. The group of actors, dancers, and rappers really clicked, so the experience was so much fun. I was very proud of the performance itself as it was, again, a style I was very unfamiliar with. Sigrun [Artistic Director of PAN.OPTIKUM], and the rest of the PAN.OPTIKUM team were fabulous, as were the team at 101.

What is it like working with people from so many different countries?

It's really interesting to hear about people's different cultures when we socialise but, to be honest, when we work you forget about where people are from and just get on with the work!  


How does it feel to be bringing such a large scale production to your home country?

It's really exciting to be visiting all of Europe - not just my home country, so to be honest I'm more looking forward to places like Norway! 


What are your plans for the future? Do you think that being a part of The Crossing Lines Project has influenced your current plans?

It prompted me to take a gap year and travel not only Europe but also further afield.


Please describe the performance in 3 words.

Creative, diverse, and fun.


Please describe how being a part of this project makes you feel in 3 words.

Honoured, lucky, and nervous. 


If you could say anything to persuade people come to see the UK show, what would it be?

It's like nothing you will have seen - so go on, give it a go!