Launching Our Spring 2019 Season

This week we are launching our Spring 2019 season which is packed with a great line up of events and activities. Following on from two of our most successful seasons ever, we’re really proud of the eclectic mix of shows and events coming to Newbury over the next few months and we hope there is something for everybody to enjoy.

Our eagle-eyed audiences will spot the re-design of the brochure as well as it now encompassing all of our learning activities. In this article we look at why we felt this was important, how we’ve used our audience feedback to make an important change to how we mail them, as well as who we mail them to.

A Redesigned Brochure

Most arts venues will change their brochure design every 3 to 5 years to keep it looking fresh and to keep audiences interested in the events they are staging. Whilst we felt the previous design was working for us, it was over 3 years since we last ‘refreshed’ the brochure so it felt timely. With that in mind, we wanted to amalgamate the live brochure and our learning centre brochure, as well as providing space for The Base.

Therefore, in the new brochure you won’t just find all of the great live performances at the Corn Exchange, but also all of the activities at the Learning Centre too. Over 22,000 people are expected to engage in our learning programmes this year and with numbers growing year-on-year we wanted to bring greater awareness of these activities. Each week we have classes ranging from Sing 55 to Toddler Dance, as well as Afternoon Art and Youth Theatre and we’re really excited about the opportunity to promote these opportunities to a wider audience by being in main brochure. Which one will you sign up to?

As we continue to work with Greenham Trust to launch The Base, we have more information in the brochure about these activities. Inside the front cover you’ll find information the launch exhibition – the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year – and on the reverse you’ll find a wealth of courses and classes taking place at The Base too. We are hugely fortunate to have a rich and broad artistic programme and we hope to see you at The Base as part of its inaugural season.

We’re really pleased with how the new brochure looks. With a punchier front cover that celebrates the brand of the organisation, we really feel this is a nod to demonstrating to everybody the confidence we have of the Corn Exchange – an arts organisation that punches well above its weight for Newbury and the surrounding areas.

How We Mail

With us all being more aware of plastic pollution, we’ve looked at how we mail our brochure out. Before we used to send them in a plastic carrier but we’ve taken on board the feedback from audiences and we will now be posting them in paper envelopes, which will be fully recyclable.

This is just one initiative to reduce our plastic waste as well as other energy saving initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. If you have any other suggestions please do let us know – we do listen and we make changes where we reasonably can.

Who Receives a Brochure?

At a time where we are looking to save costs whilst recognising that most of our audiences now book on line, we have narrowed down who will receive our brochure in the post from now on. We will only send our brochures to audiences who book within 6 weeks of the season launch, are part of our Membership scheme (Members, Friends, Associates, Patrons) or people who give regularly to the organisation.

We felt people who book during the first six weeks of the season being launched are most likely to be using the brochure as a catalyst to book and we know that those in our Membership scheme value the priority booking. Therefore, going forwards the only way you can guarantee to receive a brochure is to book when you first receive the brochure or to join the Membership scheme. We will continue to send e-communications regularly as well as using social media, local media and sending letters about events so we hope this will not have an adverse impact on our growing audience numbers.

We hope you enjoy flipping through the new brochure's pages as much as we did creating it!