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Singing has been shown to have both physical and psychological benefits and, as part of the digital programme we have been offering over the past few months, our Early Years and Education Officer has been running weekly online Singing for Wellbeing sessions for all ages.

We are excited to announce that we’ve received funding from the Berkshire Community Fund to provide free sessions for residents of assisted living facilities this summer.

Singing can provide physical benefits, such as lowering levels of depression and anxiety by releasing endorphins in the body which increase our overall feelings of wellbeing- our ‘feel good’ hormones. As well, the act of singing with others (even through an online platform) improves social wellbeing through creating a sense of belonging and community. Participants from our online sessions have remarked that they ended 'on a high' and that they were keen to do it again because 'it did us all good to be singing'.

We are offering assisted living facilities 4 half hour Singing for Wellbeing sessions with a Corn Exchange singing practitioner. Thanks to the support of Berkshire Community Fund, there is no cost for this. Participants will enjoy a gentle physical and vocal warm up before singing along to classic songs from a range of genres.

Please call 01635 582666 for more information. The sessions will take place during August and a member of the team will get in touch to arrange suitable times for you.