The Gruffalo is coming to town!

This September The Gruffalo is coming to the Corn Exchange and we've managed to sneak an interview with Aaron Millard, the star of the show - the Gruffalo himself!

In his song, the Gruffalo sings about all the things he would love to do if he wasn’t so big – like learn to hula, draw a work of art, and study ancient Greek – If you could have any special talent, what would it be? 

I'd have to go for being able to speak any language in the world, so I could learn all the best jokes!

What is your favourite thing about being The Gruffalo? 

Definitely being 8 foot 5. I've never been happy with only being 6'3!

What made you decide to become an actor? 

Watching Jim Carrey and John Cleese. Being silly and making people laugh and be happy as a career!
What’s your favourite song in the show? 

I think I'll have to go for the Snake’s song. I can't hear it and not have a little wiggle along!

Would you rather live with the Fox in an underground house, the Owl in a tree-top house or the Snake in a log-pile house, and why? 

I'm definitely going to go live up in the tree! Just think of the view!
What is your favourite type of crumble? 

In my experience, you can't beat an apple crumble. Love you mum!

Don't miss The Gruffalo when it comes to the Corn Exchange from Friday 22 until Sunday 24 September - various times.