The 'Rat Pack of Opera' celebrates 15 years

On Friday 21 September the 'Rat Pack of Opera', Tenors Un Limited, will be coming to the Corn Exchange Newbury as part their 15 year anniversary tour. The number one selling operatic trio are made up of Jem Sharples, Paul Martin and Scott Ciscon, who together tell us a few things about what we can expect with their upcoming performance.

How does it feel to be celebrating the group’s 15th anniversary?

It’s flown by, but professionally 15 years is a great achievement and something to be proud of. Some groups struggle with 15 months! Keeping a group together is like a marriage in that it needs good communication, respect and love and we have that with a good smattering of fun! We have seen and done so much, but the greatest achievement to date is the fact that we all believe there is still so much to do.

How did you all meet?

Scott and Jem met working in London, got on really well and decided to set up a group that would allow us the freedom to do what we wanted to do and write the songs we were passionate about. Paul shared that vision and joined us a couple of years later.

What were the first songs you performed together?

Nessun Dorma was always there but we learnt Come What May from Moulin Rouge for a friend’s wedding and it felt as if we were creating a new sound.

What is the secret to your longevity?

Cups of tea and a belief that we have a message that needs hearing in our songs and unique sound.

What kind of songs can we expect from your show?

The best way to describe the show is an ‘eclectic’ mix of ranging from opera, pop and crooner classics as well as old favourites. These include Everything (Michael Bublé), Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers), Nella Fantasia, Recipe For Love (Harry Connick Junior), and The Pearl Fishers Duet.

How many songs have you written yourselves?

We are writing a ton of songs at the moment – some that are right for the group, some that are outside the box. We all enjoy the process and bring our ideas to the table – sometimes very embryonic and sometimes the finished article.

It’s always great to know that people enjoy your original works alongside some of the best and well known tunes in the world.

How do you find inspiration?

We all work in different ways but often it stems from a thought or a melody that was rattling around in your head and next thing you know, it develops into something bigger and bigger.

What’s your current album?

The Journey which can be purchased online from our web site

What are your plans for the next few years?

To remain healthy and happy and to create great work that people want to see and hear.

Tenors Un Limited will be at the Corn Exchange, Newbury on Friday 21 September, 7.45pm.

Joining them on the stage will be Sing For Fun Community Choir.