Work Experience: My Week at the Corn Exchange

Since I was really little, I have always had a passion for the arts, so when my school told us that we needed to find work experience, I knew that I wanted to work at a theatre. I applied for the Corn Exchange because it offers so many different activities to all age groups and encourages everyone to get involved in the arts, which is a message that I am very passionate about, so when I was told that I got the place, I was absolutely thrilled.

During my work experience, I have worked in many different departments so that I could learn about the different roles of the theatre and discover what interested me the most. My favourite part of the week has been working with Ageing Creatively and participating in Coffee Companions and Choir 55. This has been very insightful for me because it is working with an age group I had never even considered working alongside before, however, I really enjoyed chatting over tea and singing around the piano! My other favourite part of the week has been working at the New Greenham Arts Centre, helping out with WISE Dance Company and the Youth Drama group. 

I have really enjoyed my work experience at the Corn Exchange and have felt that over the week, my confidence has really grown. I have felt incredibly welcomed by all the staff and I would like to thank everyone who has made my work experience so amazing. I would thoroughly recommend doing work experience at the Corn Exchange as it is an interesting and excellent opportunity to discover more about performing arts. 

Words by Bethany Braisher