Yes Let's!

Yes Let’s is a fantastic new schools’ project specifically designed for Early Years. It integrates drama into the Early Years curriculum, through a theme chosen by the school (e.g. Fairytales or Space) and uses sensory storytelling, craft and practical games/activities, to enhance children’s learning and development.

The project promotes children’s speaking and listening skills, teamwork and problem solving as well as developing confidence and creativity. Children have the opportunity to play and learn together through drama and ultimately perform for classmates and parents-for many of our participants this is their first exciting taste of the stage!

The project began last term and we have already had great feedback from our participant schools, who have reported increased confidence and creativity in pupils, particularly with regard to imaginative skills. In addition, teachers are using sessions as evidence-gathering opportunities for their pupils’ Early Years goals.

Since the start of the 2018 the Learning and Participation team have been into 5 schools delivering Yes Let's and here are just a few snippets of feedback they have received:

During a drama game, one class teacher remarked on the formerly shy children in her class ‘they would never have had the confidence to do that six weeks ago!’

In another school, one child began our first session saying ‘I hate drama’ but by the end of session two was fully engaged and eagerly asking ‘when are you coming back?’

And at another school, one class teacher said that introducing her literacy topic using our sensory storytelling session had made a huge difference to the children’s engagement and interest in the topic. She went on to say that when she had displayed their art work from session two, the children instantly noticed, excitedly pointed out which were their pictures and spoke in detail about what they had created. What a great testament to how drama can bring different curriculum subjects alive!

The application process for Yes Let’s is ongoing; if your school would like to find out more, or register for the project, please email our Early Years and Education Officer at