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About us

The Corn Exchange Trust manages three key spaces; the Corn Exchange which includes a 400 seat auditorium, a 40 seat independent cinema and thriving Café Bar; 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space for the development of large-scale outdoor performances and residencies; and Learning Centre from which we run a flourishing participation programme 'Get Involved', as involving local people and enabling them to be engaged with our creative activities lies at the heart of what we do.


We are a flagship arts centre for the South East, punching above our weight artistically and so much more than just a theatre. Core funded by key partners to deliver outstanding performances, and creating our own well respected work. We are at the heart of a creative and cultural community, leading a vision for a vibrant district with more and more people involved in all of our activities. With some of the best facilities and staff in the country we are committed to involving everyone in what we do.


Enable excellence at every opportunity

  • Our role as artistic leader is to provide examples of what is excellent and to encourage and enable this work to thrive in Newbury
  • We must continue to play a key role in providing inspiration for both artists and audiences


Provide access points and encourage involvement from our entire community

  • Deliver a programme of artistic opportunities in more places, incorporating more artforms and engaging with more people
  • Develop and provide more quality opportunities for local people to participate in cultural activities within their own community


Safeguard our long-term sustainability

  • Ensure that the organisation and its buildings are valued by the people of Newbury
  • Maximise income generated from our five income streams at every opportunity in order to ensure we can deliver on our vision
  • Invest in our staff and infrastructure to ensure continued success and growth