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Aladdin 'As Live' Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst our doors are closed, we look forward to bringing the pantomime to you with our 'As Live' recording that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Ahead of your booking, here is some useful information to ensure you have an enjoyable experience when viewing Aladdin 'As Live'.

How do I book tickets?
To book your ticket, visit the Aladdin 'As Live' page, and select your chosen date. Once you have booked your ticket you will receive two emails, one is an order confirmation and one with your e-ticket attached. This e-ticket will contain a link to the page on our website where the recording can be accessed.

Your code will be active from the date you have booked, and you can watch the recording as many times as you like until Sunday 3 January.

If you don’t receive your e-ticket shortly after purchasing, please check your spam and junk folders.

How long is the code active for?

As a result of the most recent Tier 3 and 4 announcements, the Corn Exchange has had to close its doors and much of the staff will be on furlough or annual leave during the Christmas period. This means that your code will now be active until Sunday 3 January.

When I go to book my tickets, the time says 10am – is this the time I have to watch the performance?

No, you don’t need to watch it at a specific time. The way our box office system works means we have to include a time when we create the event, but your code will work at whatever time you choose.

Will I only be able to watch the recording once?

No, once you have received your code you will be able to watch it as many times as you want until Sunday 3 January.

Do I have to watch the performance on the day I have booked my ticket?

No, once you have received your code you will be able to watch it on any day until Sunday 3 January.

I’ve booked my tickets for Aladdin ‘As Live’ but I haven’t received my e-ticket yet?

Sometimes emails will filter into junk folders, so please do check to see if your ticket has gone into your junk or spam folder.

Can I watch Aladdin ‘As Live’ on my TV?

Yes, you can watch the production across all devices including mobile, tablet, computer and TV. The recording is accessed via Vimeo – you can find out how to cast the performance to your TV through Air Play and Chrome Cast here or if you have a Smart TV, you can access it via the TV’s internet browser.

I've got a question, how do I get in touch?
Due to now being in Tier 4 and our doors being closed, on the Wednesday 23 December at 5pm all of our staff will be on furlough or annual leave. Our phone lines will be closed until Monday 4 January and we will not be monitoring social media with the same frequency that we normally do. However, if you do need to contact us via social media we will be monitoring it periodically but we cannot guarantee a swift response.