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Bringing people together - on and offline creativity for over 55s

Over the past three weeks we at the Corn Exchange have fast been developing new ways to connect, create and share our news and activity with you all. While most of us are able to login to one of our many devices at the drop of hat to reach these remote ways of learning and stay in touch, there are those of us who cannot access these digital opportunities. Many of our older community still rely on offline ways to stay connected. With the help of neighbours, volunteers and care staff there is still a lot to share.

We’ve put together a list of creative resources that might be useful for anyone who you may know who doesn’t have access to technology. They may also be useful for staff in care homes, since no external guests are able to come in for activities or entertainment. Some have been developed by our own creative teams, and some we’ve been told about (thank you!).

From the Corn Exchange, Newbury – inspiration and ideas:

Celebrate gratitude with the creative challenge of the week
Send your paintings, sketches and sculptures into us for selection. You may make the exhibition! Find out more here:

Wellbeing course with audio

A set of easy starting points to stay engaged and well at home:
Printable version can be found here

Dare to Dance

A dance class led by John Darvell of NOCTURN aimed at the over 55s. The Home Collection will give you ideas on how to keep moving at home:

Afternoon Art
Anyone can have a go! Led by one of our resident artists at The Base, Richard Francis Bellin, this session treats you and others to a beginners art session to do in your own time. Have a go:
Printable version of this activity can be found here

Our Song
A series of four short music and movement video sessions designed especially for use in care homes and for those living with dementia. Please email [email protected] or call the box office if you would like more information about these remote sessions.

Other useful links we've found and been sent:

Radio 5 live
10 Today – an exercise programme from Sport England to improve mental health and maintain independence:

Arts in Care Homes

Resources to read and share for engagement with older and more vulnerable members of society:

The March Network

A great list of links to arts organisations and community pages. A mental health network focused on the power of bringing people together with social, cultural and community assets, Covid-19 has thrown us a unique challenge. With more people socially and physically distancing themselves, we want to share some home-based, creative ways to support mental health during these unique and uncertain times:

Culture Health and Wellbeing

News from across the arts & health field. For everyone, and for groups who might be particularly isolated at the moment:

Whether accessing activities for yourself or researching from a friend or neighbour, we welcome any questions and feedback you may have. Stay in touch, write, email or call. Stay Creative. Stay Safe.