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Meet the cast of Cinderella: Ali James

Meet Cinderella's other step sister, Viral. Ali James is a regular to the panto scene and tells us what she loves about panto and her favourite Christmas traditions.

Have you been in a pantomime before? What is your favourite thing about performing in one?

Yes, many times at various UK theatres. I love the tradition of panto and the audience enjoying being one step ahead of the characters in the comedy routines that we all know and love!

Do you have any memories of being taken to see pantomimes as a child?

Yes to the Palace Theatre in Westcliff; fond memories of singing along and eating ice cream at any time of the day!

If you were planning a royal ball, who would be on your dream guest list?

All of Take That - which is brilliant because we are singing Gary Barlow songs this year.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

1st of December presents (my Mum can never wait till the 25th so we all exchange a ‘let’s celebrate it’s the month Christmas falls’ gift), Bucks Fizz on Christmas morning, oooh and The Muppets Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve!

What is your favourite Christmas song?

Merry Xmas Everybody
by Slade. Our family love to shout the ‘It’s Chriiistmaaas!’ bit! It makes us feel all silly and giggly.

Cinderella runs from Friday 26 November 2021 to Sunday 2 January 2022. Find out more and book your tickets here.