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Coffee Companions

Thursday 20th Apr 2023 — Thursday 7th Sep 2023, Corn Exchange Café Bar


Join us for Coffee Companions, every Thursday morning in our Café Bar!

Coffee Companions sessions are for people to come along for friendly conversations with fellow café-goers and members of the Corn Exchange team, and to maybe make a new friend.

Drop by for a drink or snack and grab a 'Chat Mat'. These Chat Mats will show ‘Say Hello’ or ‘Not Today’ messaging that will let others in the Café know whether they are open to having a chat or would rather enjoy their privacy on that occasion. For those who display a ‘Say Hello’ mat, these free sessions present a great opportunity for you to enjoy new company and friendly conversation.

Our Café Bar offers a wide selection of hot and cold drinks, as well as seasonal treats provided in collaboration with local caterers. Coffee Companions is a nationwide social enterprise that offers people sat in coffee shops anywhere the opportunity to strike up a friendly conversation and get to know new people!

Thursdays, 10.30am - 12.30pm

Presented as part of the Corn Exchange’s Ageing Creatively programme, but open to all ages.