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Coffee Companions

  • Over 55
  • Corn Exchange Balcony Bar
  • Free (no booking required)
An ariel view shot of two people with three coffees with latte art and three cakes on a wooden table

Join us for Coffee Companions, every Thursday morning in our Café Bar!

Coffee Companions sessions are for people to come along for friendly conversations with fellow café-goers and members of the Corn Exchange team, and to maybe make a new friend.

Drop by for a drink or snack and grab a 'Chat Mat'. These Chat Mats will show ‘Say Hello’ or ‘Not Today’ messaging that will let others in the Café know whether they are open to having a chat or would rather enjoy their privacy on that occasion. For those who display a ‘Say Hello’ mat, these free sessions present a great opportunity for you to enjoy new company and friendly conversation.

Our Café Bar offers a wide selection of hot and cold drinks, as well as seasonal treats provided in collaboration with local caterers. Coffee Companions is a nationwide social enterprise that offers people sat in coffee shops anywhere the opportunity to strike up a friendly conversation and get to know new people!

Location: Corn Exchange Café Bar

Duration: 10.30am - 12.30pm


Presented as part of the Corn Exchange’s Ageing Creatively programme, but open to all ages.

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