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We spoke to Rock for Heroes band members Phil and Will!

After their hugely popular performance last summer, the incredible Rock for Heroes are back, presenting another night of fantastic live music. We spoke to band members Phil and Will about their past six months as well as what to expect from the show.

What music do you perform? What can audiences expect?

The show is packed full of feel good, sing your heart out hits from Queen, Status Quo, The Eagles, Toto, Van Halen, Guns N Roses and loads more.

Will: We love to keep the audience involved throughout the show, chatting to them throughout and encouraging people to let their hair down!

What was the inspiration for putting this show together?

Phil: The show originally started as an idea in a shed in Leigh on Sea and wanting to create a big show with the atmosphere of Live Aid, where people can join in and just enjoy themselves.

We have also gained a great relationship with Help for Heroes and over the last 3 years of touring the show has raised tens of thousands for the charity, to make sure we never forget the heroes who walk amongst us everyday.

Phil: Of which has now a whole new meaning to us and the country. This show is also for the heroes on the front line working hard every day throughout the lockdown – nurses, doctors, shop assistants, pharmacists, bin men, the lot. We’re gonna have a great night and we can’t wait.

What are your backgrounds? What first got you into performing?

Will: For me, I’d done amateur dramatics for a few years as a kid, not thinking I’d ever do this for a career. But after seeing an ad in the paper for a Performing Arts course and meeting Phil, not only have I been stuck with him, it has made me go on to train, tour the country, Europe and so many different places.

Phil: Well… when I was a teen, I discovered girls and music, for which I have to thank my parents for supporting me every step of the way. I performed in my own band supporting some great names and having our little bite. Now Total Production tour our own shows across the country and Rock For Heroes (RFH) is my heart. It means so much, not just because of the fun we have, but the meaning behind it. My Dad was a Para Trooper and speaking to him about his experiences and losses… there’s something in his eyes I will never comprehend but I will do my damndest to make sure we never forget the heroes who do so much for our country.

How does it feel to be back performing in a theatre?

Both: Incredible!

Will: We have been fortunate that during the summer, we have performed RFH and our Manilow show with Warner Leisure Hotels, who have been amazing. But to get back in a theatre, just can’t wait.

Phil: We need it back, we need to keep live entertainment alive, although it maybe to a smaller audience and they’ll be no profit in it. We are determined to sell out both shows and show the government that we are still here and we keep theatres alive.

What have you been up to during lockdown?

Will: Well Phil had the idea to run RFH Live and go live every night via our Facebook page until we have a show back. So we did and we ran it for 5 months exactly!

Phil: I wanted to give something back to the amazing following we’ve gained. We’ve even got a new group called ‘The RFH Family’ on Facebook where they all chat to each other and I believe a lot of them will be joining us in Newbury.

Will: We did all sorts from cooking tutorials, singing sets, exercise classes, quizzes, Q&As and loads more. On top of that we even ran a 24hr marathon going live for an entire 24hrs with so many different types of shows to raise money for the NHS, raising just under £3,000 for NHS Staff & Volunteers. Which was a lot of fun!

Phil: And tiring!

Rock for Heroes will be at the Corn Exchange on Thu 24 Sep, 6pm and 8.30pm. Find out more