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A chat with Linn Broden from Apocalyptic Circus about My House!

Coming up later this month as part of our Out of Doors Festival is My House, a circus theatre experience for little people and their families.

Presented by contemporary circus company Apocalyptic Circus, the show uses a house-like structure where audiences members can peer through the windows and doors to watch the performers inside.

We spoke to Linn Broden, performer and founder of the company, to find out more.

Hi Linn! You developed My House back in 2018 at 101, the Corn Exchange’s dedicated creation space for outdoor arts on Greenham Business Park. Please could you tell us a little bit about your creative process and your experience at 101?
I absolutely loved working at 101. The space made it possible for the company to really focus. The creative process started with us talking to people about their relation to home, and the show has grown since then for the last two years. I think we have been back 3 times at 101. This year we have a new performer in!

For the show, you perform inside a house-style structure where audience members watch by looking through its doors and windows. What gave you this idea and what experience do you think this offers your audiences?

The audience gets to watch the show close up which makes the experience special. They also get to watch each other as we have the audience all around the house.

You first toured My House before Covid-19 - how have you adapted the show in order for it to work in the current climate? Has this created new challenges?
We have put plastic over the windows and also screens to create 13 different hubs where families can watch separately. The challenge will be the temperature in the house... we believe the performers will be quite warm!

Can you tell us a bit more about your background, and what drew you to the world of circus?

I was always interested in moving and did gymnastics as I kid. I got into circus as an adult when I understood that I actually could do this as a job. I love to mix circus and theatre.

You describe the two characters in the show as ‘strange looking figures, both with their own very different way of being’. Can you tell us a bit more about them?

Well, they are so so different but to able to function they really need each other. And that’s what we discover in the show.

And lastly, what have previous responses been like to the show?

We have had very positive response both from adults and children. It’s really a family show and everyone will find something they love.

My House will take place at Shaw House on 13 June. Find out more

The seating layout for this event is split into specific bubble sizes. Because of this, tickets for My House are only bookable via the Box Office. Please call 0845 5218 218 (calls cost 2p per minute plus your telephone company's access charge) to purchase tickets and to discuss your booking.