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Lock down links from our homes to yours

Hannah, the Corn Exchange’s Engagement Manager, takes a look at the online options available to keep people of all ages involved in creative activity.

So the sun is shining and while it feels a shame to stay in, spring is a welcome sight. Since the Corn Exchange closed its doors last week to the public, we’ve all had to think a little differently about everyday life and adjust at a breakneck speed. I for one have never known a week so long as that of Monday 16 March!

We have witnessed change all around to help our communities stay well, and the support I’ve witnessed from every angle is breath taking; neighbourly concern, donations to charity, sharing of resources and ideas. And it’s all happening without us seeing each other.

So, while I’ve been sitting at my laptop working at home, looking out at a beautiful blue sky (and an ever more deserted Newbury) I’ve been making a list. With the help of some friends at the Corn Exchange, below are our lock down links. It’s not all there is to find, as there’s so much wonderful content out there, but these are just things we came across as a team while we were investigating how we best to keep in touch, stay motivated, look after our own and others’ wellbeing, and home school our children! It’s a good list. Have a read.

For those with theatre withdrawal

Theatre podcasts to listen to:

14 stage shows, musical films, plays and more to watch on Amazon Prime:

Fun creative activities to do at home for adults and children – brought to you by the wonderful creative community

22 films for theatre fans on Netflix:

For those who have always wanted to write that novel – here's a really good place to start!

BBC Writers' Room are asking for short plays set in the current situation. Selected writers paid £300:

For those families who are balancing work, home school, caring for toddlers or older relatives, and still making dinner and washing clothes… these are for you:

I found this link online a couple of nights ago. It’s a really good list of online resources for parents, families and our older community which are all free to access. It even includes a live tiger cam at Edinburgh Zoo . . .

And more Family Lockdown Tips and Idea here on Facebook:

For those into drama and want to explore more Ed, our Youth Theatre Director, also shares these with us:

Amazing theatre stuff is now free on Marquee. I might be watching a fair amount of this myself!

Did you know about this link to live readings of Shakespeare on Zoom once a week? We watched it on Thursday and it was amazing.

And here’s the challenge! Find something new you’ve not seen, heard, read or shared before and have fun!