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Making Outdoor Events in 2020

During the Summer and Winter of 2020, we were able to stage two outdoor events: In Memoriam and a redesigned Winter Lantern Trail. Tara from 101 Outdoor Arts shares an insight into how these events were staged.

1. What did you learn from staging events in 2020?

One of the biggest learning curves from 2020 was how long it can take to put an event together. With most people now working remotely and at different times it’s really important to build more time into schedules. We also learned that people are really keen to get out and do things! Arts and events can make a huge difference in helping people to feel connected and positive during these times.

2. What were the main challenges in staging outdoor events in 2020?

I think for everyone it’s planning in the hopes that the event will go forward, but also knowing that things can change very quickly at the last minute. It can make preparing for events tricky as you always have to consider the possibility that you might not be able to do it the way you’d originally planned, or not at all!

3. Did you have any particular highlights from In Memoriam and the Winter Lantern Trail?

The people! Particularly with the Winter Lantern Trail, after spending most of the year under different restrictions, it was amazing to see how grateful and excited audiences were to be part of a community event again. The best thing about these outdoor events is that we were able to bring a sense of unity to people in Newbury and create a shared experience that was also socially distanced and safe.

4. What do you have planned for 101 in 2021?

We hope this summer that we will be able to put on more outdoor events and bring new shows to Newbury. We are also working on our online content and plan to share more of the exciting rehearsals and activity that happen at 101 every week – watch this space!