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Summer Arts Challenge Week 3

The Corn Exchange Newbury is releasing a weekly Summer Arts Challenge with arts activities linked to the national curriculum.

This week, your arts challenge is based around script writing.

EYFS: Phonics

Step 1: Choose your favourite book.

Step 2: Choose a character from that book.

Step 3:
What sound can you hear at the start of that character’s name?

Step 4:
Have a go at writing that first letter! Can you find that letter in your house?

Step 5:
Gather 5 objects/items that all begin with that letter.

KS1: History

Imagine that a historical figure from Britain’s past, appeared in modern-day West Berkshire! Write a short play-script about their arrival. Remember to use stage directions to tell your ‘actors’ what to do!

KS2: English

Choose your favourite book. Who are the characters? What is the plot? Write a chapter of your favourite book as if it was a play-script! Remember to include stage directions to tell your ‘actors’ what to do!

KS3: Geography

Choose a non-European country. Research popular names in that country, what their weather is like, what their buildings are like, what their terrain is like (e.g. deserts, mountains etc.)

Write a play-script about a tourist arriving in your chosen country. What happens next is up to you! Don’t forget to include stage directions to tell your ‘actors’ what to do.