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Summer Arts Challenge Week 2

The Corn Exchange Newbury is releasing a weekly Summer Arts Challenge with arts activities linked to the national curriculum.

This week, your arts challenge is based around painting.

EYFS: Colour

Start with red, blue, and yellow paint.

Can you mix two of these colours together to make:




Which colours did you need to mix together to make the new colours?

Extra challenge: add white and see how many different shades of the same colour you can make! Paint a picture of something that uses red, blue, yellow, purple orange and green!

KS1: Patterns

A pattern is a recurring design.

Can you choose two colours and design your own pattern?

Paint the outline of a self-portrait and fill it ONLY using different patterns!

KS2: Perspective

The Tate Gallery defines perspective as 'the representation of objects in three-dimensional space (i.e for representing the visible world) on the two-dimensional surface of a picture'.

Can you paint a 3D picture of something in your house?

For more information on how to paint in 3D, why not watch this BBC Bitesize clip on perspective?

KS3: Art History

Choose an artistic movement from the 20th century and produce your own painting in that style. It could be Modernist or Surrealist, an example of Cubism or Pop Art - it's up to you!