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Summer Arts Challenge Week 4

The Corn Exchange Newbury is releasing a weekly Summer Arts Challenge with arts activities linked to the national curriculum.

This week, your arts challenge is based around dance.

EYFS: Dance (Physical Development)

Choose an upbeat playlist and try to dance like the following animals:

Wiggle like a worm

Prowl like a lion

Roll like a pig

Gallop like a zebra

Jump like a kangaroo

Slither like a snake

Hop like a bunny

Fly like a butterfly

KS1: Geography

Step 1: Choose a country outside of the UK and research their traditional or cultural dances.

Step 2:
Watch as many videos as you can of their dancing.

Step 3:
Pick 6 dance moves from the videos to practise and then put them in your own order to choreograph your own dance routine!

KS2: History

Step 1: Choose a period of history in the UK and research about the dancing from that era.

Step 2:
Choreograph your own dance in a historical style.

KS3: Physical Education

Research the following question: Why is dance good for your health?

Create a short TV advertisement promoting the physical and mental benefits of dance to other teenagers. You could incorporate different styles of dance. You could even film it with some friends!